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Tap the screen to shot out energy balls and swipe it to use the famous Dragon Punch, an uppercut that will rip the screen apart and make things fly all over the place as you try to destroy all enemies or stop all the bouncing heads of panda bears and zombies from falling upon the ground, though that doesn't even make sense!

This game has been inspired by animes so you have energy balls attacks!

Tap the screen: launch energy ball
Touch, drag, release: do a movement skill, like dragon punch
Tap when the special badge appears: launch finishing move!

Jaeni on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 (*****)
Off the chain The best anime game I've played so far, good job to the people who made this game.

Tyrone on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 (*****)
Sweet Fun game. Get your inner anime on. Updates make game easier to play. Very fun

Here is the facebook page if you want to give me suggestions on how you want this game to be upgraded:

This game is no longer silly, as you now have the option to fight battles, trying to defeat up to 3 enemies at once! You can also since do juggle training, you only have to stop balls from falling until time runs out, in the future

If you wanna see me make a make this game better, adding more characters, level up and moves, give me an high rating and +1! (: wake up the Japanese cartoon shounen spirit in you!

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