Dragon's Lair


Dragon's Lair's review

by Peter Warrior

The beloved classic lands on Android

  • Instant nostalgia
  • It doesn't include Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp

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"Have a dime to play, dude?"

There was a time...well, there was a time when things were quite different, you know?

Perhaps some of you still believe that Laser Disc are like dragons, that means, that people who talk about it are prone to fantasizing or live under the delusion of the existence of a future-retro-steam-punk era called the 80s.

In fact, I'd like you to meet Dragon's Lair, this is Dragon's Lair. Oh, you already knew each other. Then, it'd be better I leave you on your own.

Digital Leisure has brought Dragon's Lair as it was 25 years ago. There are a couple or three more short scenes, but it's the same game with the same hilarious deaths, macabre foes (toad warlock and dragon included) and the same daring knight rescuing the same lovely blonde princess called Daphne. Yes, as if it had come to us brought in a Delorean, but without Time Warp (pardon pun)

It requires only Android 1.6 or higher and a little bit of patience as a consequence of the initial downloading.

As always, wifi recommended.

Although Dragon's Lair artwork is worth of being exposed in MOMA, its gameplay may seem rusty and clumsy. This is because it indeed is. So many years are actually too many years when we talk about video games. However, it can make extremely happy anyone...well, at least to anyone who still believes in Laser Discs and dragons...

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Nov 26, 2013

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