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Dueling Blades™ - Play Now!'s review

by Peter Warrior

An interesting dueling game

  • Smart and original gameplay
  • Over average design and graphics
  • Storyline and customizable characters
  • Cartoon-like graphics might not be to everyone's liking
  • Some glitches

"Where're you goin', you knave?"

A lone rogue has to avenge his family and find his lost sister. By the way, kingdom is ruled by a brute tyrant and you have chosen to join the rebel force hidden in the woods. Great. That would be a brief intro to Dueling Blades, an original dueling game which sets new rules to one-on-one fighting.

In summary, is closer to a strategy game rather than a fighting one. It's turn based, and every turn you have to choose what your character will do. CPU will do the same and moves will be solved at once, somehow a blind rock-paper-scissors in which characters can clash or ignore each other. Between battles, you can enjoy both upgrading your skill tree and playing on a treasure roulette in the hope that you are rewarded with a fancy rare item.

Therefore, strategic combat, customizable characters, a fantasy story and overall a great design for a free game (you can purchase anticipated energy renewals to keep up the pace) recommended for anyone.

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Apr 08, 2013

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