Earth Defender


Earth Defender's review

by Peter Warrior

An arcade shoot'em-up with AR features

  • Tilt and camera controls
  • Pew-pew feeling
  • Rolling chair recommended (yes, you've read it right)

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"They AR among us"

Earth Defender would be, in a sentence, the most typical shoot'em-up (this is, pew-pew!!!) game, as you sit on a turret and have to shoot all incoming enemies down. However, things get a little bit more complicated because it's a game fully designed for mobiles, so the turret is controlled by tilting (tip: play on a wheeled chair, you can thank me later) and (and "and" means "and", nor "and slash or") on-screen buttons.

Lastly, background is taken through the device camera, which can be annoying as heck and it's most likely that you end covering the camera with your left index fingertip. In the end, it isn't a bad game, but those new features need much smoothness and settings to be a feasible option to classic stuff. We love that design bravery, though.

Tags: defend the earth

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by Peter , Appszoom

Oct 07, 2013

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