Earth Defenders HD



▪▪ Earth Defenders HD is an Arcade shooter game with Tower Defense elements, based on a 360º Earth representation and Space Invaders-esque, remastered from its original minigame version into an epic full-fledged HD Arcade mobile game, Prepair yourself to defend the entire solar sistem from the alien invaders!

▪▪ Features:
▪ Story mode (4 chapters, 28 missions)
▪ 'Infinite' wave based arcade mode.
▪ More than 10 bosses to battle with trough both Arcade and Story mode.
▪ Unlocks and upgrades for both modes.
▪ 25 Story mode achievements.
▪ Online Highscores tables.
▪ Redeem/promotional codes.
▪ Configurable controls layout.
▪ Hordes of aliens!

▪▪ General Notice:
Even trough the game is set as High Definition, it CAN be played on low-res devices as well, but this is not recommended as you will have a much more rich experience on a HD screen; due to the size of controls, objects and effects in the game.

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Windows version of the game is available at our website and Desura;

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