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Welcome to Earth Defense,

This is a classic arcade style game where you defend the planet from enemies coming from outer space.

There is a simple and full website that you may refer to below or read the summary.

If you have a problem and you want the game improved, please email us instead of just leaving negative feedback and uninstalling, we can and will make it better,

Tested Devices:
*T-Mobile Vibrant (Rom Nero V3)
*T-Mobile G2 (Stock)
T-Mobile G1 (Cyanogen)
*Sprint Epic (Random Roms)
Sprint Hero (Cyanogen)
*Sprint EVO (Random Roms)
*AT & T Captivate (Random Roms/Stock)
*Droid Incredible (Stock)

* = Runs at good fps

It is that time again, time to defend the planet. At the moment it is just missiles, but if popularity grows more enemies will show up. Once you start the game you will have
(3) bases that can launch fire and forget missiles. You fire the missiles by clicking anywhere in the play area. After that the missile will go to the destination and blow up at the marked location. The missiles themselves do not collide, so you must time your explosions. For every missile you blow up your score will go up, for every missile you launch your score goes down a little. When a chain reaction starts your combo will grow, allowing for more points. These points can be used at the end of a wave to purchase upgrades, these upgrades remain until a big enough change is done in the game and we have to clear them. We will try not to do that too often. If the ground is hit you will lose a fraction of your score, if the base is hit you will lose a bigger fraction of your score. You get a game over when all bases are destroyed.

If the game does well, here is the list of future upgrades.

* In game power-ups (next major release)
* In game random-flying-objects (next major releases)
* Online Scoring System (TBA)
* Multi-player Co-Op (TBA)
* More....

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