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Epic Astro Story Lite is an addictive space-themed management game

  • Highly addictive
  • Lots of buildings, weapons and items
  • Challenging
  • Graphics
  • It's a mess placing buildings

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"I'm CEO of my planet"

This is the paid version of Epic Astro Story with no playing time restrictions.

After managing our own game developing startup, our own soccer team, F1 team and cruising the World, Kairosoft's guys now encourage you to become a space explorer with this title.

In Epic Astro Story your mission is to manage a group of space explorers that has just landed on a new planet. Thus, you will have to name it and start exploring. You will notice soon that the planet is full of resources to settle a civilization as well as enemies to face. If you want to spread your power, you must build farms, factories, roads, houses, as well as develop weapons to defend your people and export the goods your produce. What's more, you aren't alone in the Universe: you can establish contact with other civilization, trade with them and allow them to stay in your planet for a while (they will reward you booking your Hotel Resorts and buying your manufactured stuff).

If you want to become a respectable civilization, you will have to re-invest constantly your bankroll in exploring new zones and planets. This way, the game becomes almost infinite.

We can just recommend you to give it a go. Kairosoft is growing their fan base with every new title they release and after trying their games, we can assert that they deserve it.

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