EVAC HD's review

by Peter Warrior

A modern reinterpretation of the classic of classics.

  • Free, no ads.
  • Instant fun.
  • Control can be treacherous.
  • Only 32 levels.

"Neo Pac Man"

It seems that Hexage Ltd has two courses of action from which to choose. Whether they create new and original games as Everland or Robotek, or they remaster not old classics, but the oldest. They dared with Space Invaders (renamed Radiant) and now it's time for a shiny, new and improved, PacMan. Hexage's EVAC pays dued homage to the original at the same time that incorporates some new features (doors, ghost spawning tiles...) The main one is that there's a plot that guides you through the stages. This doesn't mean that the original Pacman hadn't a plot, but certainly it didn't interfere in the middle of a stage being played. Play EVAC and see it for yourself if you want to know what I mean.

Beyond this, there isn't any secret at all. Run, eat dots, avoid the evil pixels and survive to tell your story. Every stage can be beaten in a wide range of very different approaches, so you can be quite creative. Soundtrack isn't as wonderful as other titles from this same developer, but it's worth. Controls can be improved though, because it's difficult to make precise moves when needed. That's all. Don't forget to upload your scores and have fun. EVAC may not be the best Hexage's game, but it's really worth a while.

This HD version is specifically suited for tablets and last-end devices (Nexus, Desire, Galaxy and higher). Download the non-HD version if your device isn't so lucky.

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Aug 08, 2014

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