Everyday Heroes: Home



Journey on the not quite endless run home as an everyday war hero. You have 5 minutes to get home before the worst occurs. Can you make it? This game is won one step at a time.

Run as fast as you dare, but don’t let the soldiers, mines and other perils catch you. If you could fire a gun, you’d probably shoot. If you could open a door, you would. If you had any other choice, you’d probably do it a different way. But the truth is, you’re an everyday hero just trying to get home.

Evade fighters, run as fast as you can in this wartime endless runner. Every step is a step closer to freedom. This is a critical game, from the maker of other critical games. It might make you think, it might just be a war game with new realism. Instead of piloting a flappy bird through tiny tunnels, helping hovering helicopters get a little further, or searching forests for bejeweled riches, try helping one small child go more than 200 meters toward safety in a war zone.

Staying alive is not easy, and it never has been.

• Retro 8 bit graphics
• Critical play
• Smooth tunes by Eric Skiff Music
• 8 bit audio
• Realistic 1 life mechanic
• Opportunity to reflect on the challenge of war from the comfort of your home
• 5 minutes of simplicity

“This is a game like no other” - ElectronicKid

"Why run in temples when you can run Home. A clear win. " - Gamefiction blog

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