Evofish's review


Evofish is an entertaining touch arcade game

  • Entertaining
  • Timekiller-kind
  • Great concept
  • Childish
  • Controls responsiveness

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"Survival of the fittest"

Players must guide a little fish in its evolution path from prey to predator. It will evolve as it is fed: the more fishes it eats, the sooner it will reach the next state. In each new level more (and bigger) fishes will show up, as well as more and more dangerous enemies that you must avoid. Tap and hold the direction you want the fish to move: basically, dodge "bad fishes" (red ones) and chase after the good ones (red).

Controls are easy to get. Unfortunately they aren't as responsive as expected. I personally found controls somehow tricky. In addition, graphics aren't stunning either. A top-down view, over-colored environments, a little childish scenery. The game is entertaining specially due to power-ups and skills upgrading system. However, it gets boring after a while anyway. I supposed its simplicity can fit a specific audience (kids) but grown-ups will miss some controls responsiveness and extra features. Despite, good timekiller.

Tags: randy herman touch arcade

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Jun 11, 2013

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