Extreme Road Trip 2


Extreme Road Trip 2's review


Vroom! Put your sports car into overdrive as you flip through endless landscapes

  • Friends show up as bulletin boards
  • Simple controls
  • Fun trying to beat your own personal best
  • Eventually gets repetitive

"Pedal to the metal"

Ever found yourself thinking, "Road tripping sure is fun, but I do wish it could be just a little more, oh, what's the word, extreme?" Consider it done with Extreme Road Trip 2, in which your stuck gas pedal takes you on endless wild rides through deserts riddled with awaiting nitrous boosts.

Your vehicle careens off the desert dunes into flips high in the air, netting you points for both distance and style. Blue cans offer a zippy nitrous boost, while red cans keep your general fuel levels high. Collect enough coins along the way to purchase even sleeker out-of-control rides.

The endless runner concept is simple to get the hang of, and the execution is fun enough to have serious replay value, especially if you can get your friends hooked as well. Their personal best distances will show up in your own courses as bulletin boards plastered with their avatar, which you satisfyingly smash to bits as you trounce their records.

Haven't you always wanted to see what would happen if you drove as recklessly as possible? Give it a risk-free go with Extreme Road Trip 2.

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