Fairy Day Farm City


Fairy Day Farm City's review

by Peter Warrior

A polite and cute management game suited for all audiences.

  • Great "fairytaleness"
  • Nice artwork and humor
  • Good, chill out gameplay
  • Free, no ads.
  • Overall, no complaints.

"Welcome to Fairytaleland!"

Fairy Tale is a management game imbued with subtle jokes that will make children smile and adults laugh ("I have an acquaintance with some workaholic dwarf friends...") and a lovely and cute artwork taken from classical fairy tales. This way, we will find dwarves, princesses, mages, unicorns and even dragons to dwell in our little fantasy kingdom, where economy goes on thanks to harvests and fruit trees, and we get experience through quests, needed to lure and obtain more faeric buildings and creatures.

Game's ad free and works with the dual currency system so in vogue nowadays: there are gold coins and rubies. The former are the standard coinage and the later are exchangeable for real money through a clear in-app purchase. Some premium items can only be purchased through rubies, though they are not strictly needed to advance in the game (you will lose some side quests, though). Obviously, if you pay all your needs with rubies your game will be visibly boosted.

Graphics are really nice and can be zoomed in on. Likewise, music is worthy listening for a while. Gameplay is enjoyable, and as there aren't enemies nor plagues invading your land, you can focus on managing your realm at your whim. This makes this game perfectly suited for children and non-hardcore gamer adults alike.

If we had to highlight a flaw, it would be that some texts -nothing important at all- haven't been translated; and that the overall fairytaleness of the game makes it lacks of thrilling action. It hasn't to be a flaw at all, it's a game to be enjoyed a while each day, not a "exploit all resources and raise an army before it's too late" game. Although there are quite a few characters and items, we'd like there were many more, as other management games have: we look forward in next updates to see what surprises are awaiting us.

Lastly, there are some social features to share your progress and invite your friends, nice if you are into features of this kind. In conclusion, a nice, well thought and well done game, recommendable for anyone.

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Jul 11, 2012

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