Falldown Halloween



Fall down Halloween
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If you want to celebrate All Hallows' Eve you don’t need to become a "saint", on the contrary, you should take all the demonic staff that you have and go on adventure with Jack-o'-lantern! It is an excellent timekiller! Jack-o'-lantern is a dynamic game with unusual bonuses.

1. Multiple balls
2. Reverse control
3. Extra points
4. One step up moving
5. Slowing down
6. One step down moving
7. Lift the fangs of death
8. Drop the fangs of death

If you do not want to take a bonus - jump. Do not let the hero get lifted to the top of the screen, where he can be killed, but if even one of the characters in the game is still alive, the game continues. Try to create as much clones of the main character as possible. The more of these clones are moving through the levels, the more points you are getting.
On-line scores table is available.

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