Falling Hearts



For those of you who gave it your all in your relationship, only to find that you were burned, this valentines day we introduce falling hearts. A chance for those of you who have been through divorce, been in a tragic break up, found out what you thought to be was your significant other turned out to be a player or whatever you situation is, here is a chance for you to make up for it by relieving a little stress. Take it either way, shoot the hearts in revenge or save the falling hearts for those who have not yet experienced the pain in hopes they never will. You can even play cupid with cupids arrow for those still looking for love. It’s all up to you.

Falling Hearts is easy and fun to play. Just slide the arrow with your finger in the direction you want to shoot the arrow. Hit the hearts to keep them from falling and score a point. If a heart falls, then the game is over. But you can always play again if you like.

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