Fantasy Heroes


Fantasy Heroes's review

by Peter Warrior

A fantasy RPG combat game

  • Gorgeous user interface
  • Rich storyline
  • Well balanced gameplay
  • It needs customization options and more stuff
  • If it had a co-op mode...

"That's how all ought to be"

Fantasy Heroes is both a RPG, as you have to earn XPs to build up your characters and choose which skills learn, and an action game, as your essential goal is to clean stages by defeating all moving things in your path. You control up to four characters at once and have to move and order them whom to attack and which spells cast and when. Otherwise, they'll stand and defend themselves.

This game is full of little details here and there that make of it a beautiful and really entertaining game: tutorial is a part of the rich storyline, there are treasures hidden in a bush or behind a rock, loading screens are pleasant to the eye and you can make use of three different save slots in order to try different combinations and strategies. Monsters, mounts and effects are gorgeous, perhaps too manga-like, but gorgeous anyway.

We'd like to be able to zoom in on characters and scenery, though. Likewise, it's a pity that you can't customize your characters or there aren't vanity items.

Anyway, a great, great game, an excellent mix of fantasy roleplaying and action. Veteran roleplayers will enjoy it to rest from those other more complex games they are often on, and casual gamers will appreciate a smart and outstanding gameplay.

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