Fantasy Vengeance: free MMORPG


Fantasy Vengeance: free MMORPG's review

by Peter Warrior

A fantasy MMORPG

  • Artwork and background music
  • Many stats and brainy stuff
  • Too many ads

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"Vendetta in the Middle Earth"

Fantasy Vengeance comes to be a yet another online strategy game. Period. You raise an army, crush other players in epic yet static and invisible battles, and amass much resources to raise an even better army and fight even more epic battles against higher leveled enemies. You know, the circle of life of online strategy gaming, only stopped by veteran players beating you up so badly you give up.

Said this, there are some features worth to highlight. Artwork is impressive and, if you're into stats (and you should be to play this game) here you'll find stats galore, including random elements to simulate dice rolls and create an atmosphere of unpredictability. And if you like management, welcome to management-land. Same goes for stuff: a ton of skills, items and spells. What a pity that there are only two races and three classes to choose among, anyone would have said that there should be more, but in the end they're complemented by so-called "curses" that turn you on different were-beasts.

The bad deal is that it's too annoying regarding ads. Not only there are in-game ads, but this game pursues you all day long through your notifications bar.

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Aug 01, 2013

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