Finding Tik Lt



The new game of the year has arrived!!!! Finding Tik!!!

It's an arcade game, funny, and perfect for any ages, but you have to be careful of the enemies! ^.^


A classic style platform 2D games...

Finding Tik

Help hero to find his brother Tik.

The story start when Tik is catch by a human hand together an one our hero start a long adventure ...FINDING TIK !!!

Four world to explore and many enemies to fight following the classic rules of every platform games.. pick up apples and go forward in always more difficult levels.

Could our Hero finding his brother?

Help our hero and good luck!!!

How to play:
-first of all give a look at the story on the icon "story", press "play" and the fun begins! *-*
-get the more amount of apples!
-stay in the time limit!
-don't let the enemies touch you (mushrooms, animals, etc...)

What's are you waiting for? Install it now! ^.^

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