Fingers Versus Knife


Fingers Versus Knife's review


Fingers Versus Knife tests your wits as you avoid cutting your digital hand

  • A good time killer
  • Free to try out
  • Supports older devices
  • Not much else to do

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"Play with a knife, don’t cut yourself"


In the please don’t try this at home category of gaming comes Fingers Versus Knife, for the curious person who’s ever wanted to test their hand and knife skills without having to end up in the emergency room of their local hospital. You’ll need to concentrate in order to not cut your fingers. This game will not only test your nerves but also your reaction time. Once you cut your finger, it’s game over, without the expensive ER bill.


Fingers Versus Knife is a definite time-killer, taking out your boredom if you play in short bursts. It’s also free to try out, supporting older devices running older operating systems.


If you play long sessions, you’ll get bored rather quickly, with not much else to do in this game. The animations are not for the squeamish. You can’t escape the feeling that some players will try this at home.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 23, 2015

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