Flicky is a delightful flick skill game that tests the laws of physics and gravity, your mission on each level is to flick items into the designated containers (present box, toy box etc) You will do well with good speed and fine touch skills.

As levels progress you're presented with additional challenges as the speed increases and obstacles arise making simple flick targets that little bit harder to hit!

Be rewarded for speed, accuracy and a range of other flick tricks you're trained to master as your flick skills advance.

From the makers of the fun hit games Squishy Fruit, Car Park Control,Squishy Halloween & Zombie Puzzle Invasion

Perfect for:

Boring Christmas functions Showing off the capabilities of your smartphone to those less technically advanced relatives you only see once per year and have little else that's interesting to discuss.

Entertaining the kids on long drives between Christmas events

A Gift for yourself that costs nothing and offsets all those socks & underwear you'll be given

The best fun game since flicking was invented - are you feeling flicky?

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