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    Published: 2011-12-15, by .

    Stretch and fling, clear the screen

    • Original
    • Excellent graphics
    • Really fun and addictive

    "The thing"

    Fling a Thing is a game in which you need to pull a strange creature (thing) back and release it in order to collect the bubbles that fill the screen. You have a set number of shots that you can increase when you catch leaves and as the game progresses, more features will be included such as climbing up, magnets, eggs and bubblegum.

    When you've reached a certain level, a monster will appear and you'll need to avoid it, as well as try to grab the other items and not to run out of lives. Fling a Thing uses a slingshot mechanic, really popular these days and it has excellent graphics, a simple gameplay and smooth controls that are really easy to use (just stretch and fling, as they say).

    The game is strangely addictive: it hasn't got much but once you start playing it's hard to stop. it might seem really easy at first (you have many shots and only a few bubbles) but the shots will decrease and the bubbles will multiply, so you need to grab as many help items as you can and try to catch the bubbles in the fewest possible shots.

    Fling a Thing was created by Big Blue Bubble, developer of the successful Burn the rope. Given the success and quality of the games, we hope they create another one soon, don't hesitate to download it.

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