FLOW - A Space Drum Saga


FLOW - A Space Drum Saga's review


FLOW - A Space Drum Saga merges adventure and rhythm gameplay

  • Original gameplay
  • Hilarious
  • Stats
  • Effects and animations
  • Graphics: needs polishing
  • No online features
  • Only one game mode

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"Space Jamming"

In this space adventure only your sense of rhythm will save your from Alien domination. You embody a spaceship captain who's just woke up from artificial you were place 50 years ago to survive a long journey through hyperspace. Now you've arrived home and it's time to wake a up and save humanity from Alien invasion.

Instead of firing or dropping bombs, missions are completed by making perfect beats. An original way to make your units advance and your enemies run away. Follow the instructions of your assistant and soon you'll get the hang of it. Tap the drums at the right time and pace and it will sound fantastic.

There's a campaign mode that will drive you through different planets and dozens of musical missions. You can check your stats, achievements and progress and see how your sense of rhythm improves.

Despite effects and animations are good, the FLOW's graphics need more polishing. The idea backing it is powerful and it just needs a visual revamping, more game modes and online leaderboards to graze the top.


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