Friendly Frog - The Game

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    18 day time levels, 18 night time levels of the new addictive game app.

    Friendly Frog - The Game has been designed to both entertain in a fun way whilst promoting awareness of the wide variety of rain forest inhabitants who's survival is being threatened due to deforestation.

    The survival of our Friendly Frog is in your hands. Snatch, latch and consume all the enemy bugs that attack your home. Hop Freddie from pad to pad and snap each bug with your sticky tongue before they sink your Lilly pad home. Friendly Frog features challenging and addictive game play for hours of fun. With each level you will face more bugs with faster attack patterns. Use your speed and agility to overcome the enemy before you're...Swimming with the fishes!

    Download the app today, and get munching on those bugs!