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★★★★★"Sorry Frogger: Plop the Frog is my new favorite video game amphibian." - Tucker Cummings,

★★★★★“It’s been a while since we’ve seen gameplay this good.” Matt McDonnell,

★★★★★“I’ve honestly never played anything quite like it.” Rob Rich,

Frog on Ice is a super cool, frog-slinging, side-scrolling adventure game!

Plop, a daring frog full of adventure, discovers his world’s been frozen by the Evil Ice Wizard and must get through five levels of ice-cold enemies to defeat this foe and transform his home back into a tropical paradise. Plop must use his sticky tongue to slide across the ice, grab onto icicles, and attack enemies, all while collecting coins and power-ups. Avoid falling into the freezing water and dodge attacks from the Ice Wizard’s henchmen, or Plop will face a cold, bitter end.

How to Play:

***Go through training on the home screen, and get 300 + coins to use in the game store, as well get extra practice with the unique controls. ***

Tap the screen where you want Plop to go. Break icy rocks to unlock coins and powerups. Hit the game store at any time (even during a boss battle) to replenish health and get power ups. Plop will slide as fast as you tap; for slower gameplay, tap slowly – there is no timer.

Game Highlights:
--Bright graphics
--Five complex levels with unique end bosses
--Playful characters with a touch of malevolence
--Collect coins, health, and power ups
--Use coins for in-game supplies

Power Ups Include:
--Goggles - Once equipped with a pair of goggles, Plop becomes atomic. Touch or Plop to release a destructive blast
--Golden Gloves - Put on this pair of gloves and coins will magnetically attract to Plop as he slides near them.
--Sneakers - Sporting a pair of sneakers gives Plop the ability to double jump his way out of slippery situations.
--Cape - Turn Plop in to a caped crusader. Hold down the jump button to fly.

Chill out with Frog on Ice – if you’re up for the challenge!
Frog on Ice is NOT RECOMMENDED for slower devices

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