Fruit Robot Slice




    Try out another way of playing fruit game with Fruit Robot Slice today! With this game, you can blast fruit into slice whatever and whenever you want. Fruit Robot Slice train you to become fruit shooting master in short time, without you knowing it.

    How to play Fruit Robot Slice?
    Game 1 is an aim and shoot game whereby you shoot the fruit using a robot that blast the fruit into slice. Game 2 test your response towards a row of fruit that roll upwards over the screen and you need to smash it off to earn your point, while at the same time, avoid hitting evil pumpkin that will cost your life. Game 3 of Fruit Robot Slice feature a fruit stacking game whereby you need to act fast to remove those row with common fruit, before the fruit over flood your screen.

    Fruit Robot Slice is a simple yet interesting game that you can use to kill time!!! Let’s try it out today

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