Galactic's review

by Peter Warrior

A space physics game

  • Original
  • Challenging
  • It eventually gets boring
  • It needs more and different scenarios, spacecrafts and obstacles

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"Straight to the warp zone"

Galactic is a game that has smartly jumped onto the bandwagon of space physics game, this is, puzzle games toying with gravity and orbits, in which our goal is get a satellite to the goal sorting or taking advantage of the influence of the obstacles in your way. It's a very tricky game, challenging since its very first stages. You can spend energy (somehow "fuel") to alter your trajectory, but you have to be very precise to get perfect scores.

This game doesn't stand out for its graphics or any other technical performance, but has an interesting and deep gameplay based on simple premises. Puzzle lovers can find here a new little jewel for their videogame collection, and it suits well for people not used to playing mobile videogames. However, we would like there were more variety and stuff, because the difficulty gets rapidly overwhelming but there are too few awards other than personal satisfaction.

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Oct 07, 2013

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