Get Off My Paper! - Trial



The bugs just don't leave you alone! It appears they've had their territorial negotiations without your involvement and they are now all over your paper (for some reason!). It's time to take matters into your own hands, reclaim what is rightfully yours and get them off your paper - more like squash them on your paper and send a strong message; "Get Off My Paper!".
You can achieve this without getting your hands dirty! Let a tiny-yet-powerful ball do your dirty work, just tilt the paper and guide the ball, chase the invaders and enjoy the squishing sound of victory, OR just ignore the sound even mute it and enjoy the show, however you prefer :)

Get Off My Paper! - Trial (GOMP for short) is a simple yet fun and challenging free game where you guide a metal ball by tilting your phone/tablet and battle against an army of annoying bugs consisting of flies, mosquitoes, roaches and ants, all while trying to avoid falling into holes. In each level you unlock the next one by achieving a passing score but the real challenge is to get 3-bugs rating (similar to 3-star in games like angry birds) for all the levels.

This Free Trial version contains 5 levels from 4 sets which besides the hours of fun gameplay it offers, can be used to ensure if your handset/tablet is capable of running the full version.

Please try this Free Trial version prior to purchasing the full version to avoid compatibility issues.

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