Ghost Fighter - Full Version



Don’t you have fear of ghosts?

Fear no more - you could be a Hero by killing them!!!

Ghost Fighter is a real action game where you get to vanquish ghosts.. It's nothing but action. Kill or be Killed - fire at the Ghosts while trying to escape with your life at the same time!

To be a Hero, you must shoot as many ghosts as possible in a limited time duration. You will also enjoy realistic and scary sounds as you play this highly-addictive game.

Full version includes:


• Online competition – your position and scores will be ranked between other gamers - Fight for your life for #1.

• Sensor - you can escape from the ghosts by moving your device with auto fire mode.

• Unlimited time – to kill more ghosts and become a Hero in the world ranking there is no time duration.

• Totally Ads free with customer support.

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