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    Ghost Sniper : Zombie's review

    Published: 2012-08-29, by Peter Warrior.

    A sniping game on an outbreak scenario.

    • Great difficulty curve
    • Nerves of steel gameplay
    • Expensive in-app purchases.

    "Z-camping anyone?"

    We are used to fight against zombies with, in no special order, wrenches, hayforks, frying pans, Desert Eagle guns and a varied roster of sub machine guns, shotguns and assault rifles. Therefore, although sniping zombies shouldn't be anything new by now, sniping them from a mile away should be.

    That's what this game is about. You are safely barricaded on a high position with 135 degree view of the surrounding area as you read on the Sniper's Handbook. You have provisions and fifty ammo magazines. Intense apnea and yoga training to avoid either sleeping or breathing when you are on duty. You are a perfect killing machine, and you have to save all those civilians from shuffling zets, flying crowz, rushing dogz and who know what elsez.

    Anyway, this game illustrates quite well the sniping thrilling experience. Recoil and reload will be your worst enemies, and as zombies can bear more than one shot, this time would be actually better you start shooting them at the head once and for all. Keep in mind that you are shooting from afar, and bullets don't teleport themselves from your gun barrel to that zombie's brains. Bullets take their time, wind does its job and that "concentration" bar at the bottom of the screen means something too, so please don't lose your nerves and start shooting as if you were armed with a gatling gun, because it isn't the case.

    Graphics aren't to write home about, but the combination of realistic landscapes and drawn civilians and zombies is nice. Gameplay is intense since the starting training, and there are enough items in the store and enough missions to fulfill that it will keep you entertained for a long while. In-app purchases may seem quite expensive, but it's a freemium game anyway, perfect for the toughest among you.

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