Global Thermonuclear War



It's 1989 and it's the last day of communism! Launch intercontinental ballistic missiles and end the cold war!

Before you begin the war arm your regions with silos. If you have enough points you can also add a new region.
When the war is started you have ten seconds to prepare for battle. Select silo and then choose the target (enemy city or silo) to launch missiles.
If you hit into Dead Hand launched enemy missiles will be neutralized.
Silo operational characteristic:
One MT (megaton) annihilates one mln citizens
5MT - five fast but small missiles, destroying 30% rockets after Dead hand hit
10MT - five medium missiles, destroying 60% rockets after Dead hand hit
15MT - five slow and powerful missiles, destroying 100% rockets after Dead hand hit
Special units:
Bomber - slow and small unit, can attack only cities, cannot be destroyed after Norad hit!
Submarine - contains 5MT missiles. Submarines are invisible to opponent until they launch first missile. You have to 'buy' one of sea region to add submarines to your army.

To win destory all enemy cities.

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