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    Gold miner, also called gold rush game, is a casual mining game that made you addicted when you play.

    Gold, diamonds, and dynamite? That's right, you're a goldminer and it's your job to mine as much gold as you can and come out with the most money. Are you ready? Time to goldrush!

    This Gold miner 2017 , the gold rush casual game, is exactly the same as the available online version! This is old school super classical gold digger casual game

    Utilize your claw and reel to mine golden gold and different fortunes out of the earth. Your claw will swing forward and backward. Tap screen to lower it. When it has grabbed something it will reel it up. Overwhelming items like rocks and huge pieces of gold will be harder to reel up. Get bags contain arbitrary amounts of cash, a strength power-up, or a stick of dynamite. Between levels you can purchase things that can help you.

    Mouse, stone, skull, bone are relentless obstacles against you to dig and grab. Gold price, diamond price, stone price and other items price are waiting you discovery

    Gather the objective amount of money before the end of the level. On the off chance that you don't meet your objective before the end of the level it's game over. Your cash continues starting with one level then onto the next.

    On the off chance that you inadvertently explode everything on a level or you simply have a craving for going on, you can press the “Next Level” button. In the event that you haven't met your level objective it will be gameover.

    Shop contains many worthy items:
    + Dynamite: After you grabbed onto something with your claw, touch dynamite area to throw a piece of dynamite at it and blow it up
    + Strength Drink: The miner will reel up objects a little faster on the next level. The drink only lasts for one level
    + Lucky Clover: This will increase the chances of getting something good out of the grab bags on the next level. This is only good for one level
    + Rock Collector book: Rocks will be worth three times as much money on the next level. This is only good for one level.
    + Diamond Polish: During the next level diamonds will be worth more money. Only good for one level

    + Addictive gameplay, feel gold rush as well gold run
    + 30 unique levels but playing endlessly to get a high score
    + Classical graphics for old school game with a friendly user interface
    + Dynamic sound and music
    + Tons of achievements
    + Global leaderboard
    + Supports 26 languages
    + Spin the lucky wheel, slot machine to get a reward
    + Daily rewards
    + 6 cool miner characters

    This is the best new free gold miner vegas game in 2016, 2017 in the world. If you are a fan of Gold miner tycoon you will like this game.

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    Users comments

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Mar 15, 2017  |  "Great"

    Love this game

    Korina Oliver

    by Korina Oliver

    Mar 12, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Use to play this on computer in elementary when I seen it on Google play I jus had to have it I loved this game and still do

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Mar 12, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Love it love it love it. BUT sometimes when an add is popping up it stutters causing a delay if you pushed the claw, therefore you may hit something you didn't want to. Other than that...AWESOME!!!!

    jan schilder

    by jan schilder

    Mar 11, 2017  |  "Great"

    Good game

    A Garcia Romans

    by A Garcia Romans

    Mar 11, 2017  |  "Poor"

    I installed this game, it looked like fun. Tried to open it but everytime I got a "not responding" message. I didn't get to play it before uninstalling it.

    Tina French

    by Tina French

    Mar 10, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I love this!