Gorillas for FREE



If you have fond memories of playing Gorillas with your family and friends you can now relive the classic gameplay that inspired a generation of budding game designers. And with enhancements like online multiplayer (connect with your friends or look for random opponents), local multiplayer or AI opponents (varying difficulty), and achievements to unlock at all skill levels and play styles, there’s something for everyone to love and enjoy in Gorillas.

• The classic Gorillas gameplay, with the original look and feel left intact!
• Play online with friends, or even games with strangers (but no chat etc. so no worries for parents!)
• Play together with friends locally on one device, or play against the computer with various levels of AI difficulty
• Achievements to unlock for skilled players! Hint: some achievements require a minimum number of rounds to win or a minimum difficulty to get. Have fun figuring them all out! 
• Enter angle and power using new easy touch controls OR on a number pad the classic way
• Wide array of settings to fit your play style for local play
○ Varying difficulty, # rounds, wall effects, wind speed, and gravity
• The classic look and feel, but with updated gameplay elements
○ Simultaneous banana throwing to eliminate luck and ensure wins are based on skill!
○ Wind indicated by moving clouds, pixel perfect collision detection more precise than the original
• Fun options for customization (Different monsters, bananas/weapons, buildings, suns/moons, and even day, late afternoon, or evening skies)
• Free version is supported by ads, but shares all player data with premium version (so if you upgrade to the premium version, you won’t lose any progress)
• Leaderboards! See the top Gorillas players in the world
• Campaign/Story mode! Learn how the titular gorilla became huge and started flinging giant bananas from the tops of buildings! Try out the first 10 levels of the campaign mode for free with the free version (rest of the campaign can only be unlocked in the premium version)

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