Gravitrip, space action



Fly over the planets and kill your enemies! Do not forget about gravity, each planet affects your movement. Plan an optimal trajectory; otherwise you won’t have enough energy to reach the finish.
You play as an alien. Control your UFO. The task is to catch up with a comet flying to the Earth. It’s up to you to rescue mankind from doomsday! In each corner of space you will meet both friends and enemies. Too easy? No – that's only the first part. You’ll also become the enemy of the alien and understand the motives of the comet. With her own life and purpose, she wants to create a cataclysm to revive dinosaurs – creatures much kinder and better than we, for after all, they killed only to survive. And what about the alien? Are his motives really so noble?
The nature of the confrontation between the alien and the comet flying to the Earth is a mystery. Get into their characters and decide:
whose side are you on?
The Game has an original plasticine graphics; and if you are tired of simple casual games, try to beat it on the highest difficulty. You’ll like it.

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