Gravity Fighter Ninja



The situations have changed, his country is attacked and have been captured by the external forces. All the people of his country are in trouble and are praying for their freedom. There will be no hope of their extinction if the situation continues.

But this man has the courage to do it. He possess the strength to deliver what it takes. He has stood up against them for the freedom of its nation.

There is a place where they have kept the dangerous explosive which will destroy the whole country. He is headed to this place to diffuse the bomb.
He has a suit made of light weight iron alloys which makes it easy to fly in the air and guard against enemies weaponry. He has also made highly activated nitro boosters that help him get the speed to fly.
He is Gravity Ninja Fighter. He shuffles and fights as he flies in the gravity.

There is a lot of adventure, action and fun involved in the journey.
So come and explore his world and help him to fight against the enemies.

Please follow these instructions to play:
1. Game is fully gravity operated and no touch is requird to play the game.
2. Hold the phone flat (parallel to the ground)
3. Tilt the phone towards left to move the Gravity Fighter Ninja to left and tilt right to move him towards right.
4. Tilt the phone towards top to move the Gravity Fighter Ninja to top and tilt down to move him towards down.
5. Prevent Gravity Fighter Ninja from the missiles and bombs and take the power and one ups to add on energy levels.
6. The more you stay, more is your score.

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