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Greedy Burplings is an original tower defense game featuring lovely creatures

  • Graphics and intuitive controls
  • Soundtrack
  • Original tower defense
  • Nothing special

"Burplings' kids are always starving"

This expansion version comes with new units, upgrades and a brand-new Survival mode.

Burplings are inhabitants of an uninhabited by human islands. What they like most is chilling out and eating. Their kids are even greedier than them. Your goal is to help them getting their daily share of insects, their favorite delicacy.

Although it doesn't seem it at first sight, Greedy Burplings is a tower defense game: you place adult Burplings in different locations in order to make them blow up insects' shield and make them fall to the water, where Burplings kids are ready to bolt them down. Waves of insects gets more difficult to overtake which means that you'll have to re-invest the coins you get by knocking down insects to place more Burplings (as if they were towers) or upgrade them.

There are app to 16 different types of Burplings, each type with its specific skills. Place them smartly and upgrade them at time or you won't success. This free version allows you to play free 70 levels, after that you will have to upgrade to the pro version.

Greedy Burplings is set in cute hand-drawn graphics and has intuitive controls (that makes even easier getting the hang of it thanks to a nice tutorial). A game that will keep you glued to your device screen from the minute one.

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