Green Cloud Eco-Action Hero



★★★ Green Cloud Eco-Action Hero ★★★

The World’s Newest Eco-Hero is Back in Running Action!
Blast Your Way through the Eco-Enemies and Dangerous Obstacles in the New Exciting Game by Green Cloud Computer Services!

Collect stars and Run Fast and Blast your Way to Destroying the Angry Sun!
Action Packed Eco Adventure on a Quest to Destroy the Angry Sun!

Run, Jump, Double Jump, Turn into Green Cloud and Blast you way through Eco Enemies and Dangerous Obstacles in this Electrifying Running and Shooting Game!


★ Super Creative Graphics! – Pre-Historic – Desert – Wasteland-Junkyard
★ Big Blasting Gun with Green Eco Bullets!
★ Collect Stars and Power-Ups – Health – Invincibility – Bomb Drop
★ Watch out for Spikes - Blades - Fire Sticks - Toxic Barrels
★ Super Fast Running Action! - Turn into Green Cloud!
★ Destroy the Angry Sun Boss!

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