Green Moon Multiplayer



Simple, fast and exiting multiplayer game.
Four people in the same galaxy, fighting for ultimate domination.

Easy to learn, hard to master.

Quick and easy tutorial will help you get started against simple AI. But this is just worm-up.

Get into REAL action through MULTIPLAYER game.

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You need to remove all other players units. Just another deathmatch :)

0. Planets - every time there is random setup of planets. Players are fighting each another - there is only one winner. It is an unofficial rule, that players starting on the same side cooperate till 1x1 endgame.
1. Attack - Tap your planet and then another planet to send your units. You are sending always half of the units sitting on the planet.
2. Takeover - send to the planet more units then your enemy and takeover the planet
3. New units - New units are trained on each planet that belongs to the player. Bigger planets get more units trained per second.
4. Max units - There are 4 planet sizes: 50, 100, 150 and 200. Planet can take no more units than it's size. All units sent to the planet above size limit are lost.

1. Opportunities - Check for good opportunities. Those are big planets with small amount of units. Take them over early. Watch out for best opportunities are targeted by few players at the same time, causing hard units loses with no gain.
2. Protect - Leave some units as backup forces, especially in early game. Others could try the quick takeover trick. Planet freshly taken is usually weak and needs extra protection.
3. Observe - Be quick to counter enemy actions in 1x1 endgame. Situation can change in just few seconds.

Have fun. Good luck :)

Tags: four people in the same galaxy, fighting for ultimate domination. game

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