Green Snake Game



Try the new snake game. It is green, fun and addictive.

Green Snake is an extension to the classic snake game, adding lot more fun.

There are 10 scenes available that can be played in 3 difficulty modes. The first 2 scenes are unlocked by default, for the others you need to collect coins during the play in order to unlock them.

You can control the snake by swiping your finger over the screen or using turn left / turn right buttons.

Game items:
- Food: there are 6 types of food with different calories. For each calory, the snake length will be increased by 1.
- Mushroom: eating a mushroom will poison your snake for a given amount of time. There are 5 poisons types: Turn Swap (controls are reversed), Half Speed, Double Speed, Reverse (head becomes tail and tail becomes head), 2x Calories (each calory eaten counts as 2).
- Antidote: if the snake is poisoned, it will be cured instantly. While active, mushrooms can be eaten without being poisoned.
- Diet Pill: while active, each calory eaten will actually reduce the snake length by one.
- Surprise: can be static (gift) or moving (bug). Hitting a surprise will give you one of the following: some points, some coins, one shield (allows you to brake some kind of bricks) or will cut the snake length to half. There are also empty surprises.
- Coin: use coins to unlock more scenes.
- Extra life.

The game integrates Scoreloop network for online leaderboards. There are also some awards available for you.

This is an ad supported game. There are only in app ads (banner and full screen).

We are currently in beta. This means that crashes and wrong behaviors can occur more often than in a finished app. Please help us fix this by reporting any issue you have.

Requested permissions:
- READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: Scoreloop needs this permission in order to access your device's IMEI (unique identifier). Using this, it automatically assigns a user to you, without registration.
- FULL INTERNET ACCESS: We need internet access in order to integrate Scoreloop and to display ads.
- VIEW NETWORK STATE: We need this in order to reduce the battery consumption while you are offline, by not trying to fetch ads.

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