Grow Shooter



Shooting game of the new concept has been Released!

Glow Shooter Shooting stick to the basics of the game, while the level of the RPG game elements, plus up concept
Shooter grown farther, to obtain more score game.

Articles, archers, wizards, three shooters with a variety of monsters and boss monsters, and there are a wide variety of content.

The key to a high score for the monsters become stronger over time, and within a short time that many raepeop!
To reach the highest level, the best score in the endless journey waits for you!


☆ simple Control

Will move to the left and right drag.

Use the skills to swipe up.


Content and other matters

☆ skill

- Mana gauge is recovering slowly in front of each shooter.
   Shooter skill damage and mana gauge, you can use a blue color when seukilreul form varies.
   Skill is knockback the monsters and eliminate the missiles.

☆ Level
- By killing monsters, shooter, gain EXP and level up.
   Using a more powerful missile eopsi level.

☆ Monster

- Various monsters exist and each stage experience and crystals can be obtained by killing the monster.
   Monster, depending on the time they will be more powerful.

☆ boss monsters
Monster that appeared at the end of each stage using a unique technology and has high HP.

☆ upgrade

Crystal gathered by killing monsters, Knight, Archer, Wizard, each shooter of
   Attributes can be upgraded. Characteristics There are different maximum upgrade, depending on the shooter.
※ Information

This game is not the way the game data is stored on the server.
This is how they are stored within the terminal. Play game delete or initialize terminal had to proceed at the existing data is deleted as attention should not be able to recover.
Platform game data was used in another device does not work together.

For inquiries, e-mail ( ask us.

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