Gun Volleyball



It's volleyball played with guns! How much more do you need to hear?

Using realistic physics, turn an ordinary game of volleyball into a high-caliber firefight for court domination. Balanced guns and realistic physics allow for unique fast-paced games against the computer or a friend.

Load-out includes:
Universal Police Pistol (UPP)
Kinetic Recoil Sniper Rifle
Buckshot 12 gauge
Mak10 Machine-pistol

Use your arsenal for digs, sets, spikes and blocks. But be careful the computer opponent automatically adjusts to your skill level after only a few points.

Features include:
- 4 different, balanced guns to use
- Auto-balancing AI opponent
- Multiplayer
- Realistic physics

This game is powered by Andengine, with physics support by Box2d.

Optimized play on tablets like the Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Transformer Prime, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire

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