Hamster Climb



    Boxes, packets and letters are falling from the sky! Playing as a hamster your goal is to climb as high as you can by jumping on the falling stuff!

    Every box, packet and letter you jump on reward points. The more you jump on the higher the reward! As you reach higher you will see birds flying by. Jumping a bird DOUBLES your score!

    Help the hamster reach the skies!

    Easily post your score to the phone high scores to keep a record of your best climbs.

    Compete online by posting your score the global high scores! See the best high scores posted this week, the best ever and even the best from your country!

    * Cute graphics.
    * Fast-paced, challenging climbing!
    * Tilt and Touch controls (see the Options).
    * Phone, World, National and Weekly high scores.
    * Easily post your score to Facebook!

    If you like games like Winterbells , Doodle Jump , Abduction , PapiJump , Mega Jump and Hyper Jump you will probably love Hamster Climb!

    Used permissions:
    * Network communication - needed for the high scores system.
    * Network state - used to check if there is an internet connection before submitting scores and downloading high score lists.

    Please tell us about any problems you have by mail or by commenting.

    Happy climbing! :)

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