(HD)Ninja PiPi Endless Jump

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(HD)Ninja PiPi Endless Jump

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Jump Jump!!! This is a HD version for 480*800 and 480*854, It is an interesting and skilled game. In the game, you need to let PiPi jump up ceaselessly. When PiPi jump, you need to watch out of the cracked platform, the moving platform, and bad persons, also there are rapidly rising rockets and bamboo dragonfly. The flying objects can give you power,Transformers!!!As possible as you can pick it up.If you are falling due to the carelessness, you can hold breath in the toxic spray and go on jumping. This game is full of funs and skills. The higher you jump, the higher marks you will get, you can also upload your marks.

Operating methods
To use the gravity sensor is to shake your Android machine to the left and right, beat the monsters when you touch the screen.

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