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HexDefense is a Tower Defense-like game: you have to avoid your enemies from reaching your headquarters by placing towers to shoot them down.

  • Fun and challenging
  • Variety of weapons
  • Fast
  • Hexagonal maze fields
  • A bit confusing interface

"A tower defense-like game over 3D OpenGL-graphics and hexagonal field"

As the game progresses, larger bunch of enemy units will try to reach your place. The only way to avoid them is to place more and more robot towers in front of them. And how do you do that? By using the points you win for killing each enemy unit. You will have to re-invest those points in buying more towers if you don’t want your enemies to break your defenses. Actually you really need to do that if you want to survive through the different levels and stages. Since enemies are coming from everywhere you will need to use different resources to stop them.

HexDefense fields reminds sometimes Pacman since they’re hexagonal mazes, what makes even tougher place your towers properly to kill all your enemies. There are four types of tower and seven types of creeps with special powers. A good point is the Auto-saves game if you press home or receive a call. Thanks to its simple graphics and interface it’s fast and we haven't noticed lag problems. However, the interface is a bit special, that’s it, asteroids-like, black background and different neon-color. The stereo sounds and the music are also good and reminds us the old classic game. This paid version includes 17 package levels for 1.49$, what makes it one of the cheapest paid tower defense game in the market. But if you want to give it a try first, there’s free version including 3 levels.

HexDefense has been developed by Gotow.net, an emerging game developer company which only has launched the free and the paid version of HexDefense, but with remarkably success.

HexDefense is another tower defense game that’s both addictive and challenging. If you like classic games’ interfaces with particle effects, 3D graphics and hexagonal mazes, you should give it a try.

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