Hostile Tower Defense 3D



You are faced with a hostile enemy that wishes to wipe out your continued existence by capturing your resources and devastating your worlds. These enemies also have weapons systems of their own and will stop at nothing to cause the utmost mayhem and destruction upon your towers.

It features 5 different scenes, 3 difficulty levels and 2 Game Modes: Casual Mode - For players who enjoy diving straight into the action game play and Advanced Mode - For players who enjoy a deep strategic game play researching different technologies and custom designs of Weapons, Cores and Projectiles.

It is an exciting game with 3D graphics and an innovative Defense System with 3 types of damage protection consisting of Shields, Armour and Hull with a main Core needed for running vital systems. If the Core takes damage, all functions of your Weapons and Meta Cores will suffer.

Activate powerful modes before or during combat, research over 45 Technologies, and choose different Design Focus abilities for Cores, Weapons and Projectiles.

Choose your own tactics to defeat the hostile enemies.

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