Hot Hands



Dying to play a game of 'Red Hands', but your friends no longer have the courage to face you?!

'Hot Hands' is a simple single player game based on the classic game of 'Hand-Slap' (also known as 'Slaps', 'Red Hands' or 'Slapsies'). The game registers sliding gestures on your touch screen device as slaps... but be quick because the game might just slap you back!

The aim of the game is to wear out your opponent's hand level by level. Each level has two main phases:
- Defending: You must slide your hands backward to avoid slaps from your opponent (Bot).
- Attacking: You must perform a series of curve slides to hit your opponent at optimal points.

Sensei's Golden Rule: Never lift your fingers off the screen... Unless of course you have 'Hot Hands'! :)

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