Hot Tamales - Get Fired Up!



Think you have what it takes to beat the HOT TAMALES® Fireball himself? Then GET FIRED UP!® and prove it! This HOT game of skill offers three fiery levels of fast-action fun, including the Voracious Volcano, Pipin’ Hot Steel Factory and Tropical Heat. You’ll enter each level, armed with an endless supply of sizzlin’ HOT TAMALES® candy. Tilt your phone to target the fast-moving Fireball and tap your screen to fire as many HOT TAMALES® as you can at him before time runs out. Accuracy counts so the higher your hit rate, the better your overall score. But beware. If you hit the HOT TAMALES® Fireball too many times, he’ll overheat and retaliate by showering the screen with an array of mini Fireballs (called ‘the Hotties’) that you’ll have to battle for bonus points. And, just when you think the Fireball and the Hotties could get the best of you, a HOT TAMALES® Bonus Box may come to your rescue. As soon as it appears, hit the Box to earn even more bonus points, while unleashing a multitude of HOT TAMALES® beans to dowse the flames.

So, bring on the heat, show off your skills and GET FIRED UP!® with HOT TAMALES®!

Brought to you by Just Born, Inc., makers of HOT TAMALES® Brand Fierce Cinnamon Flavored Chewy Candies.

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