hunting trips - zombie animal



The hunting trips 3D - Game hunting attractive , interesting and rewarding .

This game is completely free , is a great pastime for your leisure time .

Through this game will help you to develop important skills such as agility , careful calculation and patience to overcome his opponent .

The game is completely free , is supported on all phones and tablet operating system Android OS .

How to play :

- You will turn to shoot the beast appeared in front of the bow .

- Next time you will be required to provide the score achieved by the number of animals you hunt , from the players point to evaluate and rank for you .

- Make a quick shoot to get the highest score , remember , depending on the type of animal will have its own point so you 're more exotic animals will be many more point .

- Notice is try not to miss because The animals would jump up , and more difficult to catch .

Function :

- The variety of cute animals such as snails , snakes , elephants , lions and even octopus .

- Enable save the name and score of the person play to the leader board .

- View charts and share your results to you via the popular social networking sites such as facebook , twitter , gmail , sms , ...

- Game also supports sound effects and dynamic mobile , you can enable or disable the audio whenever you want on your screen settings or right on the screen you are playing .

- Allows to pause , resume , play again or end game in the pause screen .

- You can share your achievements hunting to social networks like Facebook , Twitter , G ... If your device supports the feature to invite friends playing .

- Images are designed with nice 3D effects .

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Wish you a nice relax time !

Ty Team .


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