Icarus-X's review

by Peter Warrior

Icarus-X is a classic vertical scroll shoot'em up game.

  • Great graphics and sound.
  • Entertaining.
  • tap 'back' and you 'quit'

"It's a luck that lasers don't run out of ammo"

Icarus-X is a simple game about a flying a single spaceship blasting everyone of the million enemies you'll meet. Controls are as intuitive as they can be since you just need to slide your fingertip around to move your ship and fire at the same time. Background 3D graphics are great and sound is what we may expect, in other words, a retro midi music sprinkled with pewpews and booms and so on. Boss fights are really old-school boss fights, filling the screen with so many shots that the game nearly slows down.

Icarus-X has a few draws, though. Of course, we don't mean that it's a unworthy game, but it's true that you have to take care about some little things when you make a conversion from iOs to Android. To pause the game you must tap a tiny button next to the ad instead of just tapping 'menu'. Also, Android users are used to 'back' meaning 'back', not 'quit'. This little things prevent the gain of the fifth star.

This complete version has several game modes, two campaigns and it's ad-free. If you want to test it out first, check out the ad supported version.

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Jul 11, 2011

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