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    iDatank's review

    Published: 2013-02-15, by Peter Warrior.

    An indie 3D game

    • Very original
    • Lots of hours of gameplay
    • Odd controls

    "What if what if what?"

    iDatank, read I-the-tank for the record, can be considered somehow an adventure game, though it's more about a 3D environment puzzle with slight RPG touches (namely, upgrades). In advance, a lot of levels and, here's the best of it, a high replayability thanks to its multiple walkthroughs. However, keep aside standard conventionalisms, because it's an indie game in heart and guts. A lovely 3D indie game, for sure, but far from what we are used to call "casual gaming": controls will feel odd even clumsy, plot's about aliens and robots, and you may be left with a strange aftertaste when you end a level: have you overcome the evil genius who designed the game, has it all been mere luck ot was it what you would have expected for?

    On the other hand, iDatank isn't a rosebed for gamers. There are few if any options regarding gameplay and game's performance should be improved further, as it likes to badly lag when you've been playing for a while. In a nutshell, all cards are on the table: this is an all-in game you may like it or not, but won't leave you cold even when it's set in outer space.

    This is the complete version, absolutely recommendable once you end the lite one.

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