It is an application of the block destroying game.

When the ball hits the bar five times, the block falls by one step.
If the block falls on the bar, it becomes game over.
Moreover, the speed of the ball quickens when the ball hits the bar five times.
There is a speed of the ball from "LV0" to "LV5".

The hit judgment of the bar and the ball is only in the upper part of the bar.
The angle to which the ball rebounds changes by the place where the ball is hit.

The selection of the stage, ON/OFF of the sound effect, and the end of the application can be selected from the menu button of Android.
The stage selection can be done only on the screen displayed as "Touch Start".

This game sets the difficulty high a little.
Especially, "Stage 10" is difficult.
It took 30 minutes or more also for the developer to clear "Stage 10".

It corresponds to "Android 2.1" or more.
The sound effect uses "ユウラボ8bitサウンド工房".

Tags: ar ブロック崩し

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