Invaders from far Space (Demo)



You are a Commander of SpaceShip and you have to defend the Galaxy from alien invasion. Upgrade your ship, pick the green gifts and shoot your guns!

Mobile Apps Review: "...It’s simple, entertaining and nostalgic, all in one (...) give this game a try, have fun and rest assured that you will not be disappointed."

OMG! droid Review: "In my opinion this is a really nice addition to the arcade space shooter games category. Head on over to the Play Store and try it out for yourselves."

This is the FREE Demo version.

Now works with HID external controllers (game and menus) for better gameplay experience!

Invaders from far Space is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at


Invaders from far Space is a "Galaga" game clon "retro" type where you have to protect the earth from aliens' invasion.

Space shooter arcade type game with 2 modes and up to 14 different alienships.

This game comes with:

1) Campaign mode: where you have to advance level by level.
2) Survival mode: the aliens come in non stop level.

The game can be controlled with touchscreen controls, with physical buttons or with both input methods.

If your device have buttons (dpad), you can use them to move and shoot your spaceship without touching the screen.

If your device have multitouch screen, you can use the screen input method to move and shoot at same time.

If your device doesn't support multitouch and do not have buttons to move the spaceship, you can use the touchscreen to move the spaceship and a device button (menu, camera, home, search or dpad) to shoot.

This is the free demo version (the full version it's now published and available to purchase).

This version has the same size (bytes) that the full version.

If this version works on your device, the full version will work too.

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